Modeling Software for EHS Professionals

SCREEN3 is a screening version of the ISC3 model. This U.S. EPA-approved air dispersion model is used to analyze single source release scenarios over simple or complex terrain. Users have the option of choosing conservative or worst-case estimates in an initial screening for short-term air quality impacts from a single source.

BREEZE SCREEN3 allows you the option to model multiple sources and multiple pollutants in a single run.

Key Features
  • Model multiple sources emitting multiple pollutants – all in a single model run!
  • Set up all of your sources and pollutants in one file, no need to set up separate input files for each source and pollutant
  • Model over any terrain—simple, complex (above stack height), or a combination of both
  • Set threshold concentrations to quickly identify when concentrations exceed specified values
  • Follows Microsoft design standards with intuitive user interface and ribbon tool bar
  • Analyze results in numerous formats: graphical, text, and tabular
  • Extract results as text files, images, or Excel spreadsheets
Product Tour

BREEZE SCREEN 3 features a simple project set up and data entry system. Navigating through the Ribbon Bar, users are able to set the control options for their project, enter multiple sources (including point, flare, area and volume sources) and receptors (discrete and receptor array), classify the meteorological conditions, and even include building downwash effects. Once the model run has been completed, users can view the results in graphical or tabular display.

Integrated User Interface
BREEZE SCREEN3 integrates data entry, analysis, and display functionality into a single system. The Ribbon Bar is organized to take you, step-by-step, through project set up. The display windo ::  learn more...
A diagnostic panel displays informational messages, warnings, and errors alerting the user to potential problems with the scenario. Each message is preceded by a visual indicator identifying th ::  learn more...
Multiple Sources and Receptors
BREEZE SCREEN3 allows you the option to model multiple sources and receptors. Model point, flare, area, and volume sources all in one run. Use both automated receptor arrays and discrete recep ::  learn more...
Charts and Tables
After a model run, BREEZE SCREEN3 will create a variety of charts to display modeled concentrations. Charts include a graphical display of concentration as a function of downwind distance and a ::  learn more...