Modeling Software for EHS Professionals

BREEZE AERSCREEN is a screening model based on the U.S. EPA AERMOD air quality dispersion model and is compatible with the BREEZE AERMOD modeling system. It will produce estimates of “worst-case” 1-hour concentrations for a single source, without the need for hourly meteorological data. BREEZE AERSCREEN also includes conversion factors to estimate “worst-case” 3-hour, 8-hour, 24-hour, and annual concentrations. These concentration estimates are intended to be equal to or greater than the estimates produced by AERMOD with a fully developed set of meteorological and terrain data, however the degree of conservatism will vary depending on the application.

Key Features
  • Incorporates the latest U.S. EPA AERSCREEN executable 16216, released on January 17, 2017, including enhancements for adjusting surface friction velocity option
  • Incorporates the latest U.S. EPA MAKEMET executable 16216
  • Incorporates the latest U.S. EPA AERMOD executable 16216r, released on January 17, 2017
  • Models a single source: point/stack (vertical, horizontal, capped), area (rectangular, circular), volume, flare
  • Automates receptor arrays
  • Automates BPIP model setup, execution, and importing
  • Calculates maximum 1-hour concentration at each modeled receptor
  • Conversion factors to estimate “worst-case” 3-hour, 8-hour, 24-hour, and annual concentrations
Product Tour

BREEZE AERSCREEN is simple and easy to use. There are only a few steps that need to be completed to setup, execute, and analyze model results. All of the model setup is done in a series of data entry tabs or in the model properties panel.

Model Setup and Execution
BREEZE AERSCREEN is a simple to use, intuitive screening air quality modeling system designed to streamline the setup, execution, and analysis of a model scenario without the complications associated  ::  learn more...
Entering meteorological data into BREEZE AERSCREEN takes only a matter of seconds. Users can quickly and efficiently enter values for the atmospheric conditions. In addition, users can use AERMET seas ::  learn more...
Sources and Receptors
In BREEZE AERSCREEN, information on the source and receptors are entered in the respective tabs. For the source, users have the option to choose from a variety of source types and customize the proper ::  learn more...
Building Effects
BREEZE AERSCREEN gives users the option to include a building in their model run. If users select this option, they can easily enter the different dimensions of the building, or upload an existing BPI ::  learn more...
Charts and Tables
BREEZE AERSCREEN provides extensive graphical and tabular results options to facilitate both analysis and documentation. The results from each model run can be displayed in three different formats: ch ::  learn more...