Modeling Software for EHS Professionals

BREEZE AERMOD Pro is loaded with features to optimize your modeling. The intuitive user interface is extremely easy to learn and understand, and guides users through the model setup and analyzing results. With BREEZE AERMOD Pro, users have access to a variety of displays (e.g., 3D view, time series view, etc.), data entry options (e.g., importing a base map, copying and pasting to a table from Excel, CAD drawing tools), data processing options, model outputs, and plotting and data manipulation/analysis tools. Additionally, significant effort has gone into giving users the option to hide many of the data entry options that they might not require. For example, if you are not modeling deposition, you can choose not to show the data entry options related to deposition. These advanced features included in BREEZE AERMOD Pro are very beneficial for new and seasoned users, and increase productivity by adapting to the users preferences and workflow.

The following products and services are included with the purchase of BREEZE AERMOD/ISC Pro:

Price: $1,495.00

BREEZE AERMOD Pro Plus includes all of the features of the Pro edition, as well as a handful of additional features mainly pertaining to data manipulation/analysis and animation graphics. For example, BREEZE AERMOD Pro Plus provides users with a distribution view and a contribution view option, which users can utilize to determine the distribution and contribution of each source over a given time period. Additionally, with BREEZE AERMOD Pro Plus, users have the ability to create a variety of animations (e.g., map, 3D, cross-section, contribution chart, distribution chart, and Google Earth contour animation) that they would not have access to with the Pro edition. These animations are great visual tools when presenting results to colleagues or clients. Other enhanced performance features that are included in the Pro Plus edition but not the Pro edition include the ability for users to:

  • Export to Shapefiles
  • Plot to scalable vector graphics
  • Combine multiple post-processed POST files into a single file
  • Merge plot files
  • Merge post files
  • Export data to XYZC, VTK, and XYC formats
  • Interpolate dynamic inter-node
  • Create a data flowchart

The following products and services are included with the purchase of BREEZE AERMOD/ISC Pro PLus:

Price: $1,995.00
Pricing from $1,495

AERMOD is available in two editions:

  • Pro - $1,495
  • Pro Plus - $1,995

Includes one year of maintenance with purchase.

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What You Get

  • BREEZE 3D Analyst for post-processing and graphical displays of results 
  • Basic version of BREEZE MetView 
  • Basic, merge-only version of BREEZE AERMET 
  • Ability for parallel processing 
  • Complimentary 10-day/30-day trial period to the high speed remote modeling system

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