Modeling Software for EHS Professionals
3D Analyst Met
The BREEZE 3DAnalyst Met stand-alone package includes enhanced features and new functions to analyze complex meteorological datasets. With this product, users can open CALMET, 3D data, .ARL, ASCII, and binary files to analyze the data using the user-friendly interface of BREEZE 3DAnalyst.
Price: $2,995.00
3D Analyst Results
With BREEZE 3DAnalyst Results, users have the ability to open a wider variety of file types than is capable with the Met edition. Users can open plot, 3D.dat, raw, CALPUFF, HYSPLIT, CAMX, ASCII, H3D, and AERMOD files, among many other file types, for use in their modeling projects, while also taking advantage of the post-processing utility for hourly NO2 and SO2 results that is included in the product.
Price: $995.00
3D Analyst Ultimate
The BREEZE 3DAnalyst Bundle includes the Met and Results modules, thereby combining the features included in these stand-alone products to result in a more powerful and flexible product. With this product users can open a large variety of file formats, and analyze data and/or results for a model run.
Price: $3,990.00