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EHS Information Technology Solutions

T3, a division of Trinity Consultants, harnesses the power of technology to help streamline your Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) information management practices. As an industry leader with a rare mix of EHS professionals and Information Technology (IT) experts, this powerful combination gives T3 the unmatched capability of applying technology to solve industry’s EHS information management challenges.

Through efficient and cost-effective technology solutions, T3 helps organizations facilitate regulatory reporting and contingency planning as well as improve performance. Contact Jason Schmitz at (240) 379-7490 x112 or to help find the best EHS information technology solution for you.

Commercial EHS Software

Commercially available EHS software (commonly referred to as “EMIS software”) can deliver a wide spectrum of new capabilities that enhances access to information, improves data accuracy, and optimizes EHS business processes/resources. T3 has over 20 years of unparalleled experience in helping organizations evaluate, select, plan, design, implement, operate, and sustain third party EHS software. Our long history is valuable in navigating the vast functionality and scalability options of the EMIS marketplace.

Custom EHS Business Applications

When organizational objectives, budgets, or timetables dictate the need for an EHS information management solution that's narrow in scope, a custom compliance solution can be the best fit. T3 uses a systematic approach to identify client objectives and constraints to deliver solutions that fill compliance gaps or streamline compliance processes with simple yet effective custom business applications.

Mobile Solutions

Turn mobile devices into powerful, economical tools for collecting field and maintenance data needed for EHS compliance or put valuable EHS information at your fingertips. Example mobile applications include visible emissions monitoring (VEMS), SPCC inspection checklists, pressure drop monitoring, meter reading forms, and user-specified forms to fit any need.

Data Integration & Automation (DIA) Application

An important function of any good EMIS is the collection of facility process data. This data is critical to calculating emissions and demonstrating compliance with operating limits or permit conditions, the core functionality of an EMIS. Reduce the data and validation burden of emission calculations by automating the emissions calculation process for various reporting requirements with the DIA application.

Compliance Sentinel

For many industrial organizations regulatory requirements and deadlines are numerous and complex. T3 developed the regulatory compliance management system, Compliance Sentinel™, based on Microsoft’s SharePoint™ technology to assist users track and manage regulatory compliance obligations and tasks. This cost-effective solution promotes project transparency by keeping tasks and progress visible to all users.

Tank Emissions Calculations

Companies are required to perform proper tank emission calculations. T3 offers multiple tank emissions calculation solutions including TankESP, the well-established tank VOC emission calculation software.

SANGEA Reporting Tool for Oil & Gas

SANGEA™ software, sponsored by the American Petroleum Institute (API), assists petroleum and natural gas companies with estimating, managing and reporting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. It can also be used to track energy consumption and criteria pollutant emissions as well. API selected Trinity Consultants/T3 to update the software to apply the API Compendium 2009 for GHG emission calculation methods and incorporate the U.S. EPA Mandatory Reporting Rule (MRR) Subparts C, P, W, and Y to comply with U.S. regulatory reporting requirements.

To learn more about T3’s EHS technology solutions, visit T3 and BREEZE Software are both divisions of Trinity Consultants, an international environmental consulting company that assists industrial facilities with sensitive regulatory compliance and environmental management issues.

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