Modeling Software for EHS Professionals

BREEZE MetView is a powerful data analysis tool, capable of displaying a wide range of meteorological data formats. BREEZE MetView allows users to create fully customizable data tables and graphics to evaluate meteorological conditions at specific time intervals. Each display mode allows the user to extrapolate important correlations between several meteorological variables, or even view pollution concentrations against specific meteorological conditions.

Key Features
  • Customize graphs of several meteorological variables, including wind speed, wind direction, temperature, sensible heat flux, and precipitation
  • Analyze raw and model-ready meteorological data in easy-to-read tables
  • Copy data to Microsoft Excel for additional analyzing
  • Create graphical wind roses with corresponding tabular data
Product Tour

The program features a large display view to illustrate the data as well as an extensive control panel to give users full access to customize their datasets.

Data Rose
BREEZE MetView contains data rose functionality. Similar to a wind rose, a data rose allows users to plot any variable against wind direction. BREEZE MetView also gives users the unique ability to app ::  learn more...
Wind Roses and Plotting
BREEZE MetView allows you to view wind roses for a wide range of raw and model-ready meteorological data formats. Customize everything about the wind rose plot from the date range to wind speed categ ::  learn more...
Tabular Data Analysis
Most meteorological data formats are difficult to decipher. BREEZE MetView removes the guesswork with data tables for every plot, including convenient titles and units for each variable. ::  learn more...
Append Data
With the Append function, users can compare multiple files from the same period. It's easier than ever to compare variables from two datasets. Click to enlarge the image to the right which shows varia ::  learn more...