Modeling Software for EHS Professionals

BREEZE AERMET 7 simplifies the process of creating AERMOD-ready meteorological data files from raw data formats. Combining full U.S. EPA regulatory compliance with an all-new user interface, BREEZE AERMET 7 is both more powerful and easier to use than ever.

Key Features
  • Includes the latest U.S. EPA executables: AERMET 14134 and AERMINUTE 14337
  • Integrates raw 1-minute wind data automatically with the new AERMINUTE utility
  • Follows modern Microsoft user-interface design standards that make AERMET processing intuitive
  • Hover over any check box, button, or blank for tooltips with helpful basic guidance and hints to help avoid common errors
  • Converts U.K. ADMS model data into AERMOD-ready format
  • Processes a wide range of surface and upper air data types: ISHD (TD-3505), CD144, HUSWO, SAMSON, SCRAM, TD3280, ADMS, TD-6405 (1-minute ASOS), FSL, TD-6201
Product Tour

Surface Data (including 1-minute data)
The Surface tab in AERMET 7 allows surface data, typically from government weather stations, to be read in to AERMET. This includes 1-minute (AERMINUTE) wind data, which can easily be imported.  ::  learn more...
Upper Atmosphere Data
The Upper Air tab allows the user to quickly import data from an upper atmosphere sounding station, which is typically required in order to produce AERMOD-ready met data. Like the Surface tab,  ::  learn more...
On-site Station Data
In addition to typical surface and upper air data, usually from government-operated weather stations, AERMET 7 can import a wide range of meteorological data collected at on-site stations. Thes ::  learn more...
Land Use Data
 ::  learn more...