Modeling Software for EHS Professionals

BREEZE 3D Analyst is a powerful post-processor that enables you to analyze and visualize data in multiple formats to help you better understand, interpret, and summarize your modeling results. It is also useful for analyzing meteorological, terrain, and concentration data. From taking a quick look at modeling results to performing a detailed source contribution analysis to generating customized graphics for a report, 3D Analyst helps you get the most out of your model results with the least time and effort.

Key Features
  • Import, visualize, and post-process data from AERMOD, CALMET, CALPUFF, Incident Analyst, and other BREEZE software
  • View results in 3D, 2D, as a time series, and in table format
  • Customize graphics easily, choose from: scale bars, map overlays, high-value markers, and contour color scales
  • Plot results in Google Earth™ (.kmz), Surfer®, or Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) formats
  • Compute averages, percentile values, and high values
Product Tour

BREEZE 3D Analyst features a number of different display views to help you easily and quickly analyze, view, modify, and save your data. Utilizing the ribbon bar interface, working with your data has never been so easy.

Seamless Integration
Just finished a model run in a BREEZE application? In just one click you can import your results, save a report figure, combine with an earlier run, or export to Google Earth. In addition, all of the  ::  learn more...
Visualize Results
With options including 2-D and 3-D contour plots, charts, and export of results to Google Earth and GIS software, BREEZE 3D Analyst’s graphical results give your data clarity and power. ::  learn more...
Post-Processing Tools
In addition to its graphical capabilities, BREEZE 3D Analyst provides an array of powerful tools for post-processing data. ::  learn more...